20 Houseplants That Grow In Water

For people with limited space or who don’t like dirt, then houseplants that grow in water are the next best option for you. Growing plants in water is not a new activity, however, most people deflect the thought because they believe that plants can grow without soil. 

For a plant to grow, it requires three things, light, water, and space. Space can be anything from the soil, peat moss, clay, pebbles, or water. So, here we will look at the plants that can survive growing in water. 

Houseplants that grow in water. 

Lucky Bamboo

Houseplants That Grow In Water

Lucky bamboo is an indoor plant known for its forgiving nature. The plant can grow in water from propagation to maturity. It grows well in narrow vases, but this depends on the size of the plant. 

When planting, ensure you place gravel around the roots so that they are firmly submerged underwater. 


Houseplants That Grow In Water

There are many varieties of herbs that you can plant in water. The most common are those with a soft stem. Those with hard or woody stems tend to survive in water however, they get mushy easily before it grow roots. 

Cut fresh, soft, and green stems from a herb and plant them in water. Place them in an area with sunlight. Herbs require direct sunlight to grow.


Houseplants That Grow In Water

There are two types of growing habits for Philodendron plants. The upright and vining habits. The vining plants are easier to grow in water because they don’t require preparations. They include Heartleaf, Basil, and Micans. 

The upright-growth plants require that you cut the part below the lead node before you plant them in water. They include pink princess, lemon-lime, and Birkin. 


Houseplants That Grow In Water

Pothos has leaves that are heart-shaped. It’s another houseplant that can grow in water. The best way to grow is in a clear vase that shows its beautiful roots. You can use the plant for decorative purposes. 

Baby’s tears

Houseplants That Grow In Water

It’s known as Baby tears because of its myriad of tiny leaves that form a dense coat. It’s a houseplant that can grow in water, but you have to prevent the leaves from submerging in water. 

The plant has numerous small leaves that grow along the stem of the plant. So, it makes it easy for leaves to submerge in water. If they stay in water for longer periods, they will start to rot. 

To prevent it from happening, maintain the water by changing it weekly and then lower the water level once the roots are developed. 

Arrowhead plant

Houseplants That Grow In Water

The arrowhead plant is an easy houseplant that can grow in water. It doesn’t require too much care after planting it. You only have to add fresh water at least twice a week. If you like to move it into soil, you can transplant once the new roots are developed. 


Houseplants That Grow In Water

Dracaena has many varieties that you can choose from. Some varieties can grow in water. Just like any other plant, it doesn’t like water that contains chlorine or fluoride. Change the water at least twice a week to keep it fresh. 


Houseplants That Grow In Water

Begonia is among the houseplants that can grow in water. Plant them in a clear vase to check when the water changes color. Once it starts to change color, remove it and add fresh water. Change water at least twice every week to prevent the cuttings from rotting. 

Chinese Evergreen

Houseplants That Grow In Water

Chinese Evergreen is known to be a hardy plant, however it’s among houseplants that can grow in water. To plant it, use a cutting from a mature plant and submerge a few inches of the cutting into water. Ensure the leaves remain above water. Also, change water often to keep it fresh. 


Houseplants That Grow In Water

Croton is a small plant that can grow in water. The leaves are bold with red colors. You can start growing it in water, but you will have to transfer it into a pot once it is ready for transplanting. 


Houseplants That Grow In Water

When searching for plants to grow in water for a long time, look for Impatiens. It can grow its whole life in water. 

When planting, use the lower leaves of a mature plant and then submerge them in water. Once the roots have developed, you can transplant them into a container. 

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