Are gardening gloves waterproof?

As a gardener, some accessories, such as gloves, require your attention before you purchase them. There are different types of gloves on the market, and they are made for different purposes using different materials. 

One of the common things you ask yourself is, “are gardening gloves waterproof?” some people even confuse waterproof and water-resistant gloves. So, to answer your question. Yes, some gardening gloves are waterproof, and you can find them through the descriptions of different gloves. 

This article will show you how you can choose the best waterproof gardening gloves for use at home. 

How to choose the best gardening gloves

When you want to choose the best gardening gloves, there are two things you have to look for. That is the type of material used and the purpose of the gloves. 

When choosing the garden gloves to use, you must consider your gardening job. For instance, heavy-duty gardening will require heavy-duty waterproof gardening gloves that can protect you from heavy tools. 

Are gardening gloves waterproof? Yes. You can find light gloves for potting, but most are not waterproof. You can find waterproof gloves for heavy jobs to protect you when using big machines. In this case, the gloves are waterproof to ensure water doesn’t make them slippery. 

Gloves are made of materials such as leather, latex, bamboo, and nylon. Gloves for gardening require a material that can withstand heat and protect you from thorns and other sharp objects. 

Materials such as bamboo and nylon are soft. However, they are close-fitting and flexible to use. 

Latex and leather are strong, tear-resistant, and have a good grip. At the same time, they are water-resistant, which makes them a good choice if you are going for waterproof gardening gloves. 

Another thing you have to check is the padding or cushion inside gloves. The padding helps your fingertips, knuckles, wrists, and palms to ensure they are comfortable and protected at all times. Don’t forget to check the elastic cuffs. You can easily lock your hand and prevent dirt from getting into the gloves. 

What to look for in gardening gloves?

Buying the correct garden gloves is essential if you want a good gardening experience. Here are the things to look for in gardening gloves before making a purchase.  


The best gloves are those that protect you from water. When they are resistant, it means they can’t absorb water. It ensures your hands are safe from dirty water, chemicals, and water diseases. 

Most water-resistant gloves are made of leather and rubber. But, when you are looking for gloves, ensure they read water-resistant. 

Type of material

When you ask yourself if gardening gloves are waterproof, you have to consider the type of material the glove is made of. There are different materials such as: 

  • Cotton —- They are cheap to purchase from local stores. They are light, breathable, and can protect your hand from dirt and blistering. However, they are not waterproof and can’t protect you from chemicals, cuts, and thorns. 
  • Leather —  These are heavy compared to others and are made for heavy garden chores requiring equipment. The good thing is that they are durable, strong, cut, and water-resistant and can handle heavy equipment.
  • Latex – Latex gloves are made from cotton with different coloring on the front and back. They are suitable gloves since they are waterproof, well-fitting, elastic, and durable. Because of cotton, the glove offers warmth during cold conditions. 
  • Nylon — There can be termed disposable gardening gloves. They are cheap, light, and breathable. You can use them to handle manure and pesticides, then discard them after use, 


A good gardening glove should fit well. If it’s too big, it can fall off. It is better to choose a glove with an adjustable wrist cuff that you can move around for comfort. 


When you are looking at the length of the glove, it depends on the work you are doing. Some plants have large thorns that can scratch your arm. So, a long glove to the elbow can help you work in your garden. 

 You can also wear protective clothing to protect your hands from thorns. 


Another thing to look at when choosing gloves is durability. Make sure gardening gloves are waterproof all year long. You don’t have to buy gloves every other season or month. 

The best choice to look for is leather gloves. They are expensive but durable. 

Why should you wear gardening gloves?

Most gardeners don’t wear gloves because they choose not to. And you can’t force someone to wear them. However, there are many reasons why you should wear gardening gloves. They include: 

  • Keeping your hand clean
  • To avoid blisters on your hand
  • To prevent cuts from metal objects
  • To protect injured part from infection
  • To protect from insect bites such as bees. 
  • To keep your hands dry.
  • To prevent the skin from coming into contact with harmful chemicals
  • To protect from fungal and bacterial infections. 

Here are the best-performing gloves to purchase


How long do waterproof gardening gloves last?

Some gloves can last for a month and others for years. It depends on the durability of the glove material. Before you buy, check its description to find its durability.

Are gardening gloves machine washable?

Yes. Even though gardening gloves are waterproof, they are washable when they become dirty. The only gloves you should throw away are disposable ones.