Best Gardening Knives For Pruning, Weeding, and Harvesting. 

The best gardening knives for pruning are hard to find in this age when everyone is trying to sell their product. It comes to the point that you can pick your kitchen knife and use it in the garden. Because as much as possible, it just isn’t right to transfer knives from one location to another. 

Come to think of it, things like diseases can cause an infection if you use different knives. Therefore, it is best to find the best knives for gardening because that is their purpose. 

Gardening now has a lot of things that need to be cut. For instance, most people prefer to cut off weeds instead of uprooting them. When cutting roots, you might not eradicate the weed if you don’t use the correct knives for gardening. 

Other activities that require gardening knives include harvesting, trimming, pruning, and clipping. So, for this to be successful, you need a light, sharp, small, and cheap gardening knife. That will make up the most valuable garden tool to have.

We have researched the best gardening knives available in the market to make the work easier for you when deciding on the one to purchase. 

10 Best gardening knives For Pruning, Weeding, and Harvesting.

Opinel No. 08 Garden Knife

gardening knives For Pruning

This is a special knife with a clean design and ergonomic feel. It has the same features since it was first made in 1980 and worked best for outdoor gardening and other activities. 

The blade is made of carbon steel, while the handle is made of Beachwood. It has unique features such as locking and folding. The locking feature allows you to lock the knife to prevent kids from unfolding it from its place. The locking section has a safety ring with two sections that contain a fixed point and a sliding section that secures the lock. 

Hori Hori Garden Knife

Hori Hori is one of the best gardening knives that is durable, sharp, and efficient. You can use it for weeding, digging, and cutting plants. It is a two-edged knife where one edge is bevelled, and the other is a serrated edge. 

The blade features a 7-inch blade made from a stainless steel material. It is rust-resistant and can work through the conditions in the garden. The handle is made from a hardwood material that is easy to handle. 

The Hori Hori knives for gardening have gradation marks on the side to help you when you are planting to mark the depth. 

Felco Grafting and Pruning Knife

Felco is a knife manufacturer that creates knives, including the best gardening knives you can use. This specific knife is made purposely for grafting and pruning. Also, you can use it to saw stems and twigs. 

The blade is made from hardened steel coated with stainless steel to improve its durability and longevity. The knife has a single-level edge that ensures you make straight cuts using one hand. 

The blade measures 5.7 cm long and 2.2 mm in thickness. It is sharp, has a clean edge, and can cut through plants with a clean cut. 

Radius Garden Root slayer

It is a versatile knife for gardening that works like a trowel. You can use it to cut roots under the soil, slice branches, saw branches, and prune. The blade is two-edged, with ripsaw teeth on one side and a smooth blade on the other. The tip of the blade is V-shaped, specifically for cutting roots. 

The blade is made from carbon steel that is powder coated for ease of penetration in rocky or clay areas. 

Draper 17558 Budding knife

Draper is a gardening knife explicitly made for budding. However, you can use it for other farm activities such as grafting, harvesting, rope cutting, and other gardening activities. 

It has a curved design for better cutting. The blade is made of a stainless steel material that is sharp for easy cutting. Also, the handle is made of Rosewood for a comfortable grip. The knife has a double-edged blade, with one side curved and the other a straight blade. 

The blade is 3 inches, and the handle is 8 inches long, which makes it easy to fold. It doesn’t have a lock mechanism when you fold it for easy releasing and locking. 

Factors to consider when picking the best knives for gardening

There are a few things every gardener should look for when searching for the best gardening knife. They include; 

  • Blade type
  • Handle 
  • Blade size
  • Sheath 

Blade type 

You can get two different blades from a gardening knife—serrated and plain edge blades. 

Serrated blades have teeth like on a saw. These knives act like a saw to cut through roots, branches, and stems. However, they are limited in size because it’s just a knife. So, you can only use them in your garden for plants. 

Plain edge blades are made to cut through flower stems and other parts of a plant that require a smooth cut. These blades can cut through a plant without causing damage to its cells. 

Some gardening knives have these blades on either side. So, when choosing a garden knife, ensure you know what you are looking for. 


The handle of a blade is important because it is the point that offers the grip to cut through a plant. Without the proper grip from the handle, you can damage the plant. Ensure you pick a knife with a handle made of a material with adequate grip, durable, and easy to clean. 

Blade size

A blade can work on various activities in the garden. So, choosing the correct blade size will ensure you have a blade for multiple gardening activities. 

Large blades can work great when digging, slicing, trimming, and cutting through roots, while small blades can work well when pruning, cutting flowers, and budding. 


A sheath is a covering that keeps your blade safe. Some of the best gardening knives have a sheath to protect their blades, while others don’t.

Sheaths are made of leather or nylon and have a belt clip to attach the knife to your belt loop for safety. 

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