How tall does bamboo grow?

One of the interesting questions people ask is how tall bamboo grows. It will be an awkward question if it’s any other plant. But, for bamboo, that is genuine because the tree grows fast and becomes taller than some trees.  

Bamboo trees have the fastest growth rate on earth. You can spot a bamboo tree from miles away. It is known to grow about 1 meter per day for some species. The height of the largest bamboo species is 46 m and a diameter of 37 cm. 

Besides its height, the tree also grows its rhizome roots at a higher rate, expanding into the soil. 

This article will discuss the bamboo tree and how tall it can grow.

How tall does bamboo grow?

The tallest bamboo is 42 meters (137.9 feet). This bamboo is found in Arunachal Pradesh in India. The typical height is 30 meters (98 feet). 

There is also another tiny bamboo variety, such as Radiella vanessiae. This is the smallest variety found to be 2 cm tall. 

The characteristics of the plant are different from all other plants. When a bamboo plant is small, it can be very fragile, which can astonish you when the tree fully matures. It is really strong no matter the height. 

How big does bamboo grow?

Since it’s in the grass species, it tends to grow more. It depends on the variety of bamboo. More than 1200 different bamboo are found on earth. 

Among the different bamboo, there are giant ones that can get to 46 m high, while there is dwarf bamboo that grows a few inches tall. But, different factors come into play when the bamboo tree is growing. 

For instance, a variety of bamboo, such as Phyllostachys edulis and Phyllostachys vivax, is the fastest growing bamboo. Vivax is a timber bamboo. These species originated from southern china, and because of the environment, they grow fast.

The bamboo can grow like a tree, but since it’s grass and not a tree, it doesn’t grow its stem after shooting off the ground. Most bamboo plants have a fixed diameter from growth to maturity.  On the other hand, others take up to 4 years to have a fully mature stem. These types of bamboo create a hard stem that acts like wood. 

Does bamboo spread?

Once you plant bamboo, expect it to spread to other parts of your garden when it matures. As it grows in height, its rhizome roots also continue growing. However, the roots don’t grow as fast as it grows. 

For instance, the Phyllostachys have aggressive and monopodial roots that grow fast in other garden regions. The roots can spread twice a year without your knowledge. 

The dangerous thing about spreading roots is that you might notice for two years. This plant spreads during the summer when exposed to the sun, and during the cold season, they are dormant. Those in shady areas tend to spread slower because the plant doesn’t grow well in cold areas. 

If you don’t want your bamboo to spread to other areas, you can create a root barrier around the plant or plant it in a pot. Another method is by uprooting the roots manually or destroying the growing roots. 

The easiest way to permanently remove bamboo from growing is to burn the roots with hot boiling water. The hot water will burn the roots and kill the plant. But first, you must ensure you expose the roots from the ground. Dispose of the roots after burning them. 


Is planting bamboo a good idea?

Yes, it is a good idea to plant bamboo. It doesn’t need care and can grow well with minimal supervision. It is a good plant for privacy. Because it is tall and spreads, it makes a good fence and prevents people from looking into your home. 

Does bamboo spread naturally?

Yes, once the plant matures, the roots start to spread naturally. The roots will slowly grow in a horizontal direction as they increase the growth rate. They also grow horizontally, which grows into another bamboo as the other roots spread horizontally. 

How long does it take bamboo to grow?

To have a mature bamboo, it can take up to 3 years to grow fully. Even though the plant will be tall in its first year, it’s not yet mature. It just grows fast. 

How do I keep my neighbors bamboo from spreading?

You can stop your bamboo plant from growing into your garden by telling your neighbor to create a barrier. A good barrier is made of High-density polyethylene (HDPE). You should place it around the planting area to ensure the plant is enclosed completely.