How to grow more cherry tomatoes in Pots

grow more cherry tomatoes in Pots

There is a joy in growing cherry tomatoes in pots, but what if you know how to grow more cherry tomatoes in pots? 

While you might think growing cherry tomatoes is easy, you are wrong. This plant likes constant care. It is the reason you should plant it in a pot. You will have access to it, and you can care for it to increase yield. 

Without care for the plant, you will be lucky to get tomatoes. Luckily, we have tips for growing cherry tomatoes in pots. Even an experienced gardener can use these tips to improve the overall yield. 

Why should I grow More cherry tomatoes in pots?

grow more cherry tomatoes in Pots

The most common reason people use to plant tomatoes in pots is the lack of a garden. Let’s say you live in an apartment and want organic food. The only option is planting the tomatoes in a pot if your HOA isn’t strict. 

But, that isn’t a reason a person with a garden can find helpful. Gardening in a pot has more advantages than putting it in the ground. 

First, pot plants are easy to weed, water, and use fertilizer. The amount of water and fertilizer you use in a pot is smaller than that in the garden. 

Secondly, in a pot, space constraints mean fertilizer constraints. The plant can use all nutrients in the container alone. At the same time, it has more nutrients than it can have in the ground. 

Furthermore, cherry tomatoes can breathe since they have enough space in the container to grow in all directions. Also, don’t forget, they don’t like soggy water. The container holes can drain off excess water, leaving moist soil for the plant. 

The journey to start growing cherry tomatoes is easy. Once you start, everything else will align in place. However, we can help you understand how to grow more cherry tomatoes in a pot. 

Tips for growing cherry tomatoes in pots

As you consider improving the yield in your tomato plant, consider the different things the plant needs, like space, sunlight, and other weather conditions. Here are our tips for growing more cherry tomatoes in pots. 

Pick the best variety of cherry tomatoes.

There are different varieties of cherries that you can plant in a pot. But choosing the best amongst them can help you improve the yield. 

When you are checking in the labels, look for “patio,” “bush,” or “determinate.” The tomatoes with Patio or bush grow to about 12 inches. If you are an indoor gardener, this is your plant. The best is Tiny Tim, which grows into a small plant with many tomatoes. 

Determinate are tall plants that can grow up to 18 inches in height. Once it reaches its maximum height, it stops growing. It is best if you want to harvest all your tomatoes at once. 

The difference between determinate and indeterminate is that with determinate, you get all your tomatoes once. Still, with indeterminate, you can continue picking ripe tomatoes as the plant grows. 

Select the right container 

A tomato plant requires a lot, whether you are planting it in a garden or a pot. Even though you want to place it in a pot, the pot should have enough room for it to grow. The minimum size of a pot is 14-inches in diameter. The container size can go up to 20-inches in diameter. 

When planting tomatoes, they require deep soil for root growth. The depth of the container should hold at least 5 gallons of soil. You can use hanging planters for indoor planting to hang them. 

No matter the size of the container, always plant one cherry tomato in a pot. Planting more than one can cause overcrowding, resulting in poor air circulation. Lack of proper air circulation can risk the plant getting diseases. 

Find a good spot for sunlight.

Cherry tomatoes like to have enough direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. The best conditions are warm temperatures and direct sunlight. The temperature in the room should range from 65F to 85F. 

Check the temperature periodically to ensure it doesn’t fall below 55F. Cold temperatures interfere with its growth. Besides that, high temperatures can affect the plant by causing the blossoms to drop. 

So, the best thing is to ensure it is in a good spot where it receives enough sunlight to keep it warm and healthy. Growing it in a pot allows you to move it around when there is a temperature change.

Give the plant enough water.

To grow more cherry tomatoes in pots, you must first know how to water the plant. Watering is something most gardeners fail at without knowing they have failed. You think you are giving your plant water, but you are killing it. 

Cherry tomatoes require regular watering. Overwatering gives the plant more water than it needs. It can cause roots to rot.  

You can use a routine to water your plants. For instance, the best time to water plants is in the morning or the evening, when they can absorb water without evaporation. So, you can set your schedule to water every evening with an inch of water. 

If you don’t have a routine, check the soil dryness using the finger test. Poke 1 to 2 inches of your finger into the soil. If the soil is less moist or dry, water your plants. Ensure that the soil is moist and not soggy at the end of watering. 

Give the plant enough space.

Space is important for cherries. As you saw above, plant one tomato in a single pot between 14-inches and to 20-inches. 

If you have a giant pot, it will depend on the tomato variety. Plant small tomatoes 1-2 feet apart and big tomatoes 3-4 feet apart. Avoid overcrowding. 

Plant cherry tomatoes deep into the soil

Cherry tomatoes tend to grow in height than in width. Thus, when planting, ensure you place it deep into the soil to create a solid base for the plant. The extra stem placed in the soil provides support to grow upright. 

When planting cherry seedlings, ensure the hole in the pot is big enough—place ⅔ of the plant under the soil. Remove stems or leaves at the bottom before you cover the soil.

Support grown cherry tomatoes

You should remember these tips to grow cherry tomatoes in pots. Tomatoes grow upright and are not sturdy, meaning they need support from a young age. 

Once it starts to produce tomatoes, it will fall unless you support it. There are different cages you can use for your tomatoes. A standard tomato cage can work well. Or you can make your own with metal bars. Place the cage in the pot as soon as you transplant. Waiting for the plant to mature can damage the roots.

Kill pests

Pests can cause harm to your plant. Once you notice bugs attacking your plant, spray them with Neem. Neem scares away bugs. Mix it with water and spray your plant every week. 

You can buy Neem from Amazon. 

Add mulch

Adding mulch to the soil can help maintain the moisture content in the soil, regulate soil temperatures, and prevent weeds from growing. 

You can use organic or inorganic mulch. Place 1-2 inches of mulch around the plant. It is better to apply mulch after transplanting, and then you can remove it in the later stages of the plant. 


Now that you know how to grow more cherry tomatoes in a pot, you should increase your yield and pick more tomatoes this season. With good care, you can have a bountiful harvest. 

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