• LIVE INDOOR PLANT: Experience the beauty of the tropics in your own home with stunning and easy-to-care-for bromeliad plant
  • GORGEOUS HOME DECOR: Add a touch of vibrant and exotic color to your living space with a live, flowering bromeliad
  • EASY CARE: With minimal maintenance required, our bromeliad plants make an ideal choice for busy homeowners, renters, and plant enthusiasts alike
  • CLEANER AIR: Often used in indoor landscaping and as natural air purifiers, bromeliad plants make for an eco-friendly and healthful addition to any living environment
  • PLANTS MAKE GREAT GIFTS: Plants can be delivered to your loved ones for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversary, and housewarming. Enjoy peace of mind that every plant is well packaged, farm fresh, and ready to impress with your gift message
  • ELEVATE MOOD & WELLBEING: Plants make us happy. They give us life, fresh air and a sense of calm – all of which have the ability to lift your mood and improve your wellbeing. NASA studies show having plants improves mood, creativity and reduces stress


Brand Costa Farms
Plant or Animal Product Type Flower
Color Modern Clay Décor Planter
Material ceramic