Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

The Chinese Money Plant, scientifically known as Pilea peperomioidesit is cherished for its distinct round, pancake-shaped leaves that grow in a captivating cascading pattern. Each leaf exhibits a glossy green surface, contrasting beautifully against its slender, delicate stems. Its foliage not only adds a touch of natural elegance to any space but also creates a calming and serene atmosphere. This plant is not only visually appealing but also carries cultural and symbolic meaning. Legend has it that it brings good fortune, prosperity, and positive energy to its owner, making it an ideal gift for various celebrations and special occasions



Plant or Animal Product Type pilea,plant
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Brand California Tropicals
Color Green
Expected Blooming Period Winter
Sunlight Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade
Unit Count 1 Count
Expected Planting Period Winter
Product Care Instructions Water
Soil Type Sandy Soil

About this item

  • CHINESE MONEY PLANT: Our rare and popular houseplant is native to China and is known for its thick round leaves, making it a great addition to any home or office.
  • LOW LIGHT HOUSE PLANT: Pilea peperomioides are perfect for low-light environments and require little maintenance. Water once a week when the top 2″ of soil is dry, and rotate 180 degrees after every watering for optimal growth.
  • 4″ POTS FOR PLANTS: Our California Tropicals come in 4″ pots for the perfect size for any decoration or space. Whether you’re looking for a hanging pot for plants indoors or outdoors, we have the perfect pot for you.
  • GIFT PLANT: A Pilea peperomioides is the perfect gift for a plant-lover. It is easy to care for and can be easily propagated by cutting the new leaves off at the base of the stem and sticking them into fresh soil.
  • FENG SHUI DECOR: Our California Tropicals are an excellent addition to any Feng Shui decor. Whether you’re looking for a rare indoor plant, a money plant, or a gift, this houseplant is perfect.
  • COLD PROTECTION: This plant is sensitive to the cold weather. To guarantee your plant is protected against cold damage, add gift wrap option ” winter insurance” at check out. Only plants with this insurance will be guaranteed against cold damage.