The best gardening apps for beginners

As a gardener, it can be challenging to keep track of all the garden activities. But, with the introduction of gardening apps for beginners, it’s now easy to track your plant growth and all the other activities you need to do in that season. 

Without gardening apps, most people spend half a day putting together a spreadsheet manually. Imagine adding planting, weeding, harvesting dates, and all the plant notes manually in different tabs; I wouldn’t wish that on you. It’s better to put that time to use in the garden. 

That’s why I want to show you the best gardening apps for beginners that you can use to plan your season without too much effort. We will take a look at the different ways gardening apps can be helpful to help you thrive. 

10 Top Gardening apps for beginners

Garden Manager

gardening apps for beginners

This app is made for people with a garden that has edible food products. It works as a virtual coach to guide you through the whole planting period to harvesting. If you have any questions regarding a plant, it can answer them. 

It connects with the local weather app to give you information regarding weather patterns that can damage your plants. Also, it sends you information for your to-do list as the plant grows. All this information is sent as a notification directly on your phone. 

It is a good gardening app to use to plan your season. There are three subscriptions available—a free subscription for planning. The second subscription (coach) requires you to pay $6 to get the option for notifications and reminders for plant care and dangerous weather. 

The third subscription comes with both the free and coach subscription added with an online library that contains:

  • Books 
  • E-books 
  • Training videos 
  • Monthly webinars
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Members-only chat forums


GrowIt is a free mobile app to interact with other gardeners. It works by uploading an image of your garden or plant, and the members will discuss your concerns. It’s a way of bringing members together to help each other when they are stuck. 

You can ask any question regarding gardening, including garden design, a nursery near you, or plants that work well in your area. 


gardening apps for beginners

iNaturalist is an app created by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic to help people identify things in nature. It’s not solely made for gardening. However, it can answer any question you need to know about a plant. 

It contains information on animals, birds, plants, and nature overall. For instance, it can help you identify the bugs on your plants by using image recognition technology. You can take up challenges in the app and earn badges by finding different types of plants, fungi, and birds in your area. 


gardening apps for beginners

ISCAPE is a garden design app. It’s a gardening app for beginners to help them visualize what they want their garden to look like. You can also find different plants, shrubs, mulch, water features, and fire pits that you can use when designing. 

It has a distinct feature where you can hire a pro designer from the app to help you visualize it. 

Garden Answers

It is a gardening app that answers all your garden questions. For instance, if you have a weed in your garden that you are unsure about, you can take a picture and upload it into the app. It will then cross-check it with the other pictures in its database to identify the plant. 

The gardening app will then give you a detailed answer that includes the scientific name, its common name, its origin, how to plant it, how to care for it, and the rest. With all this information, you can understand the plant you have in your garden. 

If you want advice from a professional horticulturist, you can ask questions, but you have to pay a small fee. 

Garden Journal at Territorial Seed

gardening apps for beginners

This gardening app works like a journal. You can use it to track all the work from planting, watering, and fertilizing to harvesting. It has a database that helps to identify the pests and diseases that can attack your plant. 

The app connects with your local weather app to collect data to provide planting advice and what to expect if the weather changes. 

If you want to get more from the app, you can upgrade with an annual fee. This option allows you to create garden plans of any size, receive planting reminders in your email, and interact with other gardeners. 

Lawn To Wildflowers

This app is for you if you plan to turn your garden into a beautiful pollinator-friendly habitat. It can show you the plants and flowers you need to create a natural habitat. 

Also, you can use the gardening apps for beginners to learn about the different plants and insects native to your area. It collects data according to your region. Thus, it’s different for everyone. 

Johnny’s Seeds Planting Calendars

gardening apps for beginners

Do you want to keep track of your gardening calendar? It’s among the best gardening apps for beginners that provide information on your growing period. You can enter the current date, and then it provides you with the starting date of indoor seeds and the transplanting date of seedlings. 

With this information, you can track the growth of your seeds while knowing the exact date of transplanting seedlings. It can also give you the exact days apart your edibles are planted. It is called a succession planting calendar. That way, you know you can make sure you have growing food until the beginning of frost. 

Plants Map

gardening apps for beginners

This gardening app allows you to document, map, and share information about plants as a community. The community has other gardeners and experts who can help you if you have a plant problem. 

Also, it has other materials that can help you identify the plants you want to have next on your farm. To use this app, you can set up your profile and start connecting with others directly from their website. 


gardening apps for beginners

Gardenize is among the best gardening apps for beginners. It allows you to use it as a diary where you can add photos, keep notes, and get notifications of plant care. Using the diary, you can keep track of your plant growth until the harvest day.

If you are that person who forgets to water, weed or prune your plants, this app will send you notifications about when to do that. Also, it can help eradicate pests and diseases by providing control options and care tips. 


These gardening apps for beginners are a germ if you think about it. Even if you don’t know what you are doing, a single app that has a community of people around it can help you flourish in your gardening. 

The gardening apps are easy to use, accessible, and full of information. Download the most convenient to you and start growing your farm to success. 

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