Do you have small hands, and you’re searching for the best gardening gloves? Well, you came to the right place. 

It can be frustrating when searching for gardening gloves for small hands because they aren’t common. This leads some people to wear kids’ gloves just to fit their adult hands. To your surprise, you can find good gloves for small hands that are cheap, waterproof, and reliable. 

So, instead of wearing big gloves or kid’s gloves, read through to pick the gardening gloves that can fit your small hands. 

Best gardening gloves for small hands

In our search for gardening gloves for small hands, we found several gloves that can work in your favor, however, we had to consider when you are working in a garden with thorns. So, we found gardening gloves that are thorn-resistant yet suitable for small hands. 

So, here is a list of gloves for small hands: 

Carhartt Ladies Dex II

These are the best gardening gloves for small hands. They are purely made for women who have small hands.

They are made from 70% Spandex, 21% polyester, 5% leather, and 4% polyurethane. In short, the gloves will be very comfortable for your hands. At the same time, they have textured, breathable spandex for the comfort of your hands. Also, it includes a small paddle/knuckle protection.

Handlady long gardening gloves

This is another pair of gardening gloves for small hands. They are made of natural leather and are thorn-proof. Essentially, this is the glove to go for when searching for gardening gloves to protect your whole hand. 

From the material they are made of, the gloves are strong, durable, and can withstand thorns. Also, they offer a good grip even when handling wet gardening tools. 

Ironclad Ranchworx

This is an excellent glove for small hands. It is made of leather with a thermoplastic rubber inside the glove that allows you to put your hand in. It is cut-resistant. So, you can use it when working with thorns. Also, it includes finger and palm padding to offer extra protection.

The glove comes with a Velcro wrist that moves down, but it has less surface cover compared to other gloves. Another thing is that they are machine washable and can last longer even after successive washes. 

The only disadvantage is that they are not water-resistant. 

Skytree Gardening glove

Skytree makes this gardening glove for women with small hands. It is light, and it works best on light jobs. If you use it for heavy jobs, it might not survive for long. 

It is made from nylon, which makes it light. The material is stretchable and can fit people with small hands, with a palm width of 3.5 inches and a length of 8.86 inches. But, if you have a bigger hand than this, you can still wear it because it can stretch. 

You can wash it with a machine without worrying about damage. 

eMerit Bamboo Garden gloves

The eMerit gloves are suitable gardening gloves for small hands for either men or women. They are made of Nitrile, a fabric that is lightweight and durable. It is cut-resistant to protect your hands from wounds, cuts, and dirt. 

You can use these gloves for all kinds of work, including gardening, weeding, landscaping, fishing, and DIY home improvement. Besides that, you can use them in dry and wet conditions without affecting your hands. 

This is the glove to choose for people with sensitive skin on their hands. The material offers comfort and protects your hand from blisters. It has a stretch knit to secure your gloves in your hands when working. 

CoolJob Gardening gloves

The coolJob gloves are made specifically for women with small hands. It is made of rubber with breathable features on the fingertips. Also, it has a latex coating to ensure dry and clean hands after you are done working. 

The fingertips are reinforced to ensure your fingers fit perfectly and aren’t loose. The wrist is flexible to keep your hand out of the mud and prevent small particles from getting into the glove. 

The glove is suitable for people with a palm width of 3 to 3 ¾ inches. Besides gardening, you can use the glove for other purposes like repairing cars, driving, and DIY wood carving.


With suitable gardening gloves for small hands, you can do your work without worries of gloves slipping out of your hands. As you search for the perfect gloves, ensure you look at the qualities such as durability and if it’s a multipurpose glove. 

Even though it is hard to locate small gardening gloves, you can start with the ones highlighted while checking the palm width to confirm if it is the best fit for you. 

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