• EXOTIC FOLIAGE MARVEL: Embrace nature’s artistry with a Calathea live plant! This grower’s choice houseplant features stunning, unique foliage patterns and vibrant colors that instantly captivate, adding an exotic touch to your room’s decor
  • LOW-LIGHT WONDER: Perfect for any corner! Enjoy the benefits of this houseplant’s adaptability to low-light conditions, making it an excellent choice to thrive in spaces with less natural sunlight
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Share the beauty! Surprise loved ones with a Grower’s Choice Calathea. Its remarkable foliage makes it an unforgettable and visually appealing gift, elevating the decor of any space
  • STRESS-RELIEVING ELEGANCE: Unwind with nature and enjoy Calathea’s rhythmic leaf movements. Each day the plant brings a sense of tranquility, offering a therapeutic experience and enhancing the ambiance of any room
  • AIR-PURIFYING PLANT: More than a beautiful plant! The Calathea excels as an air-purifying powerhouse, cleansing indoor air for a healthier, fresher living space, while delighting with its striking appearance


Brand Costa Farms
Plant or Animal Product Type Shrub & Hedge
Color Indoor Décor Plant Pot
Material Ceramic