Recently, there has been an increase in the number of indoor gardens. Everybody wants fresh food from their garden. In other cases, people have plants for aesthetic purposes. 

On the other hand, not many people have access to a balcony or a south-facing window that has access to direct sunlight. It can be a problem, especially if the plants can’t survive without water. 

There is a solution to the lack of sunlight: artificial lighting. Most people have turned to artificial LED lighting, especially during winter when there is no sunlight. But are there affordable grow lights? 

Yes, it is easy to find your budget grow lights that you can start with at home. This article will review which cheap LED grow lights are best for vegetables. 

Which cheap LED grow lights are best for vegetables

Finding an LED budget grow light can be tough if you don’t know what you are looking for. When searching for light, there are more things to look at than just the shape or installation of the light. You need to look at the color, size, and power it uses.

For instance, grow lights come in different colors, which are blue, purple, white, and red. Some have one color, and others come with more than one color. 

  • Blue color helps the plant in its early stages of growth. Plants absorb blue when they are in their vegetative state.
  • Purple color also works in their vegetative state. But, the blue light works better in this stage.
  • Red color works best for the later stages of plant growth. It helps the plant grow buds and flowers. 
  • White light works like all the colors. It can help the plant in all its stages of growth. 

When choosing affordable grow lights for your indoor garden, you should look at those things. Here is our best budget grow lights. 

Roleadro LED grow light.

Roleadro grow light is a full spectrum light that offers you the best light for your indoor plants.  It does not work for vegetable plants; it can also help you grow tropical plants and flowers that bloom throughout the year. 

It has a power supply of 75 watts with an aluminum plate to help dissipate the heat. The light has different lights, including red and blue. Compared to other lights in its category, it is light, and you can hang it anywhere in the house.


  • This light works great for seedlings
  • It has different colors
  • It can dissipate heat
  • It distributes light evenly

Aceple LED grow light.

Aceple are good budget grow lights that you can use for small plants on your desk. It looks and works like a lamp. You can direct the light to a single plant. 

Such a small light can provide enough light for multiple desk plants. The light offers two colors which are red and blue. Red works best for flowers and fruits, while blue works well to support photosynthesis. 

The good thing about the lamp is that it is easy to set up, and at the same time, you can dismantle it and store it in the drawer. So, these are affordable grow lights if you are starting with small plants. 


  • It is small
  • It can work as an aesthetic in your home
  • It is bright
  • It has clear instructions to set up.

Leoter Grow lights for indoor plants

Leoter is a grow light suitable for beginner gardeners. It is affordable and provides the best performance you want from a grow light. 

It has 80 LEDs; among them, it has 36 red, 16 blue, and 28 full spectra. With the different colors available, the light can support the growth of your vegetables at different stages. 

The grow light has other features, such as spectrum and dimmable modes, that allow you to use the three colors differently to determine what works on your plant.  It also has a timer that you can use to turn off the light when you are not around. 


  • It has dimmable lights
  • It has a timer 
  • You can power it with an AC power plug or a USB
  • It has an aluminum heat sink.

GE LED budget grow lights.

GE BR30 is a good budget grow light if you want something that doesn’t look weird in your house. It looks like a normal bulb but offers high-quality growing lights for vegetables. 

GE BR30 has soft, natural, and warm light with a balanced spectrum. It can support your plants, seeds, and greens. So, you can plant vegetables with this light. 


  • It is small, like other lamps
  • It is cheap
  • It has soft and natural light. 

Feit Electric Dual LED Grow Light

If you are looking for the best light to mount onto something, Feit grow light is the best and cheapest. It is light, durable, and easy to mount in the house. 

The best thing about it is that it comes fully installed, and you don’t have to read the instructions to assemble it. It has both blue and red lights. Blue emits 450 nm, while red emits 655 nm of light. 

This combination of blue and red will help grow your indoor plants. 


  • It has low heat emission
  • It has a low energy consumption
  • It is easy to install
  • It has a good ratio between blue and red lights.

TorchStar Plant LED Grow Light

Torchstar is a grow light with full spectrum LED light. It works best for herbs but can use for succulents and vegetables. The lighting comes in an enclosed casing where you can put your plants in the container with the LED. 

The light is made to stimulate natural lighting, providing the plants with light for 16 hours a day, then turning it off for the next eight hours. It works like a normal day and night. 


  • It has a full spectrum
  • It works like a normal day
  • It has an automatic smart timer.
  • It is simple to use


You must find the light that will help your plants grow. From the review above, you have an easier work of choosing the light that will suit your home and preference. Also, don’t forget that you might be planting more plants in the future, so pick something that will last you. 

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