Gardenia Vetchii Tree

  • Expertly Cultivated Botanical Marvel: Our Braided Gardenia is a testament to expert cultivation, meticulously nurtured by skilled horticulturists. Each fragrant blossom and intricately braided stem reflects the dedication and artistry of our growers
  • Fragrant Elegance: Embrace the captivating aroma of gardenias as it fills your space with a delightful, lingering fragrance. The Braided Gardenia’s exquisite blossoms create a sensory experience, enhancing the ambiance of any room
  • Graceful Bloomer: Watch as the Braided Gardenia unfolds its graceful petals, revealing intricate layers of creamy-white beauty. Its elegant, evergreen foliage and bountiful blooms exude a timeless charm, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor
  • Effortless Care, Lasting Beauty: Enjoy the beauty of Braided Gardenia with ease. With simple care requirements, this plant thrives indoors, gracing your home with its lush greenery and enchanting flowers. Its low-maintenance nature ensures lasting beauty with minimal effort
  • Perfect Gift of Nature: Gift the Braided Gardenia to loved ones for any occasion. Delivered with care, it arrives as a living masterpiece, ready to bloom and bring joy. Experience the expertise of our cultivators, gifting the enduring charm of Braided Gardenia to brighten someone’s day


Plant or Animal Product Type Shrub & Hedge
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Brand American Plant Exchange
Material Feature Natural
Color Mini Tree Veitchii
Special Feature Attracts Pollinators
Expected Blooming Period Summer
Item Weight 3 Pounds
Sunlight Exposure Full Sun
Unit Count 1.0 Count