Lucky Bamboo

Share positive energy, enthusiasm, and well wishes for wealth with this 5-Stem Lucky Bamboo from Arcadia Garden Products. This vibrant and meaningful plant gift, abundant with lively Lucky Bamboo stalks, is sure to bring joy to any recipient. The bamboo, stylishly arranged in a chic pot, confidently rises from a bed of water and supporting pebbles. Perfect for home or office decor, this bamboo garden will brighten any space with its natural beauty. It requires minimal care, thriving in bright to moderate light. Please note, Lucky Bamboo is harmful to pets like dogs and cats, so keep it out of their reach. Without soil, the water and pebbles provide an ideal environment for root growth. Transform a brown thumb into a green one with this easy-care, positive-energy plant gift. Make it the highlight of your indoor plant collection or share the joy by sending it to a friend or colleague. The plant ranges from 13 to 19 inches in height, including the container.



Plant or Animal Product Type Herbs
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Brand Arcadia
Color Dark
Expected Blooming Period Year Round
Item Weight 2 Pounds
Sunlight Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade
Unit Count 1 Count
Product Care Instructions Water
Moisture Needs Moderate Watering

About this item

  • LOW MAINTENANCE: The roots are growing in water, not soil, so simple care requirements are about light and water
  • INVITE GOOD FORTUNE: Whether enjoying at a desk, coffee table, home spa or meditation space, the invite is open for positive energy and good fortune
  • GREAT GIFT: Say Thank You to employees, customers, or co-workers by gifting this easy-care indoor plant.
  • CAREFULLY WRAPPED: With extra attention paid to careful wrapping, this Lucky Bamboo is packaged for a safe journey
  • GROWN BY EXPERTS: Experienced greenhouse growers oversee every step of production for this Lucky Bamboo